>America needs a competition of ideas not a battlefield of attacks


As far as President Obama’s speech in Tucson tonight I thought it was a speech that Tucson wanted and perhaps needed to here. Perhaps thats what they wanted to here after what they went through last weekend. Perhaps they needed to be cheered up. And be reminded of all the positive aspects of life in Tucson. But I’m not sure its a speech that will unite the country that the rest of the country wanted to here. Perhaps the President did that intentionally figuring that this was the night. To try to make Tucson feel better and feel good about themselves. That he was they’re President he was in Tucson and he felt that was his role. And the time to unite the country around some greater purpose whatever that is would come later. And I thought the President made some good points about the political tone in Washington in the country as a whole. That the rhetoric is not to blame for the Tucson Shooting. But the tone has clearly not helped and that its time to get back to debating ideas. Rather then if people you disagree with are good people or not.

I’m a proud Liberal Democrat because I believe my party has better ideas and a better way to govern for the country then republicans. And I’m willing to debate any conservative or republican that disagrees with me on any important issue. Until hell freezes over which by definition makes me partisan. Partisanship is not what’s wrong with our politics but its how we use it thats the problem. Our politics has become about the next election and not governing. So both parties are constantly looking for the upper advantage on the other party. How can we screw the other side and make them look bad. How can we one up them by playing politics. Hey here’s a suggestion if you want to get the upper advantage on the other side, govern lay out a vision for the country and try to sell them on why your better. Partisanship to me at its best is about Political Debate. Its about ideas and giving the country a choice and explaining why you have a better team. And what you are for and not always against. Partisanship to me is not about hey you don’t like me but my opponent is a hell of a lot worse. And I’m going to tear them down and show you.

We need to get to the point in our politics where its a competition of ideas and no longer a battlefield of attacks. Where we can argue with the other side without trying to tear them apart. Where we can actually respect the other team while still agreeing to disagree. Where we might even be able to shake hands after the debate and mean it. And perhaps find some areas we actually agree. Or are close enough where we can work together. Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil two men who couldn’t be farther part apart politically managed to do that. It has been done before. Both sides need to do this and at risk of sounding partisan we need to get gun rhetoric out of our politics at least when were not talking about guns. People should do that on they’re own. Otherwise we’ll always be divided as a country and neither party will ever be in power. For very long and we’ll always see these cycles where one party is up and the other is down. And then it reverses because the country as a whole doesn’t like or trust one party enough to leave them in power. All you have to do is look at our last three General Elections to believe that.


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