House passes Ryan’s ’12 budget; conservatives want more cuts – The Hill’s On The Money

House passes Ryan’s ’12 budget; conservatives want more cuts – The Hill’s On The Money.

The House Republican Budget passed in the House today without a single Democratic Vote. As well as four republicans voting against the budget. This budget was already DOA in the Democratic Senate. But what this means with 235 members voting for it. That even if it did somehow passed in the Senate and cancer was cured tomorrow. Meaning a miracle happened, that with just 235 votes, the House GOP would be fifty five votes shy of overriding a Presidential Veto. Which President Obama has already said he would do, if somehow the bill ever made it to his desk. On Wednesday the President once again laid out his opposition. In what can be called his first Campaign Speech for 2012. His opposition to the House GOP Budget plan.

Why is the GOP Budget DOA as it now stands, because they didn’t seek out any support from anyone else. They strictly worked with their own members or perhaps just their own Budget Committee members. To write their budget plan and I think they didn’t expected any democrats to vote for it any way. So republicans had their own budget plan led by Paul Ryan Chairman of the Budget Committee. And democrats had their own budget plan. Led by Chris Van Hollen Ranking Member of the Budget Committee. This was strictly a Conservative Ideological budget. But they aren’t the only party or ideology in the House or Congress as a whole. Democrats simply have a different approach to Deficit Reduction. Both sides agree that it needs to be done but the question is how to do it.

The Ryan Budget plan is simply a Campaign Pledge not intended to become law in this Congress. But something that GOP Presidential and Congressional Candidates will use to run on for the 2012 General Elections. If the GOP were to keep control of the House, take majority of the Senate. And win the White House. And the Northwest goes a year without seeing any rain. Not intended to become law now, which is why its not a serious proposal.


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