Why Are Conservatives, Not Liberals, Fixated On Amending The Constitution? | The New Republic

Why Are Conservatives, Not Liberals, Fixated On Amending The Constitution? | The New Republic.

One of the reasons why I’m a liberal is because I love the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. With all the freedom and rights it guarantees. America might be the only republic in the World thats in a form of a Liberal Democracy. As much as conservatives might hate that. Its true America is a Liberal Democracy. They argue that America is not a Liberal Democracy but a republic instead. Because we are not purely governed by Majoritarian Rule. They are partially right, we are not purely governed by Majoritarian Rule, take the US Senate, Supreme Court and Electoral College, to use as examples. But a Liberal Democracy is not about Majoritarian Rule, even though Majoritarian Rule has a limited place in Liberal Democracy. Liberal Democracy means that the people have the power, that government gets its power from the people, not the other away around. And that the people have the Constitutional Right to live their own lives. And not be harassed by government in doing so. This means a lot of Social and Economic Freedom. Liberalism is about liberty for the people to live their own lives. And equality.

Since I love the Constitution, even though its not perfect and think its a great document the way it is. I’m not for changing it, there’s not one single proposed Constitutional Amendment that I’m in favor. Or one that I would come up with on my own. I’m a constitutionalist because I support the constitution and believe its a great document as it stands. One thing that liberals such as myself, Conservative Libertarians and Classical Libertarians have in common. Is that we all love the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Which is why we don’t try to amend it. We just want it to be enforced, the whole document. One of the reasons why the Founding Fathers made it so difficult to amend the Constitution and why there have only been twenty some odd amendments to it. Sorry I’m not a lawyer or try to play one on TV or on the computer. Is because even though they didn’t write a perfect document from the start. With women not being able to vote, slavery not being abolished. Africans not being treated as a whole person in America. Is because they thought they had a hell of a document and they didn’t want it messed with.

People who I would view as Authoritarian Conservatives, a mixture of Christian Conservatives and Neo Conservatives in America. As well as Democratic Socialists or Socialist Libertarians. Have a different view of the Constitution, they love certain aspects of the Constitutions, but generally aren’t supportive of even most of the document. Authoritarians like the First Amendment when it comes to Political Speech, as long as its verbal. Even though they would like to see a Constitutional Amendment banning Flag Burning passed. They like Freedom of Religion, as long as its Christianity or perhaps Judaism. Of course they love the 2nd Amendment, the right to bare arms. But some would like to overturn the 17th Amendment that gives the people the right to choose their Senators. And amendment that liberals won 100 plus years ago. Take that power away from the people and give it to the State Legislatures. As well as banning Gay Marriage, what happened  to States Rights on this one. And would like a new amendment to allow States to overturn Federal Law in their own State. What happened to Federalism there.

Democratic Socialists or Socialist Libertarians aren’t innocent when it comes to messing with the Constitution. In their exhausting quest to make America more like Europe. Have decided to go the Constitutional Amendment route to get there. With things like limiting Property Rights, overturning the Citizens United case concerning Political Speech. Attempting to transform America from a Federal Presidential Republic. To a Socialist Parliamentary Democracy. Where each party would be guaranteed a certain amount of seats in Congress House and Senate and the Administration. Based on the number of votes the parties got in the Election. They would like to see Proportional Representation in America like they have in some European States. They would like to see the Senate become more like the House, not just by eliminating the Cloture Rule. But each State would get a number of Senators based on their populations. As each State gets a number of Representatives based on its population as well. If not get rid of the Senate all together. And make the Congress a Unicameral Legislature. They would also like to regulate speech when it comes to Political Correctness. The Westboro Church Supreme Court decision is a pretty good example of this. And they would probably like to see the 2nd Amendment overturned as well. As well as another Constitutional Amendment limiting Campaign Contributions.

But liberals, Conservative Libertarians and Classical Libertarians. See the US Constitution for what it is, a beautiful document that guarantees our rights and freedom. And is by far the number one document that governs America. And would like to keep it the way it is.


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