Vermont closer to single-payer health care system | Business Insurance

Vermont closer to single-payer health care system | Business Insurance.

If the State of Vermont decides to either by law through their Legislature and Governor. Or by ballot that they want Single Payer Health Insurance. Then thats their right, this would qualify as a State Right, the ability to govern your own State. But it shouldn’t be forced on the rest of the country through the Federal Government, how the rest of the country should get their Health Insurance. Even though the Vermont Single Payer plan is called Single Payer, looks like not all vermonters would have to choose it. Looks like it will just be a choice and they don’t even know how to pay for it yet. Californians have tried to in the pass to install a Single Payer Health Insurance plan through the Ballot Box. But they haven’t passed one yet. When the Federal Government was considering Health Care Reform back in 2009-10 and finally passed the Affordable Care Act in March 2010. They never even considered a Single Payer Health Insurance plan. Even though thats was Democratic Socialists in Congress wanted. Sen. Bernie Sanders even has a bill that would make it illegal to set up a private Health Insurance company. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has a Medicare for all Single Payer plan. That would eliminate private Health Insurance company’s. But these proposals were never even formally considered in Congress. Because there was no chance just like now, that they were ever going to pass either the House or Senate. Only the Progressive Caucus would probably vote for them.

I like the idea of Non Profit Health Insurance company’s, I do whether they are private or public. As long as the people have the Freedom of Choice of where they get their Health Insurance. Whether it comes from a combination of public and private Non Profit Health Insurers or just private Health Insurers. But I rather see a combination of the two and again let the people decide where they get their Health Insurance. Just like they decide where they get their services on the market. Thats the difference between competition where you have choice and different company’s competing for the business of their customers. And they try to offer the best service that they can to get the most customers, which brings prices down. Unlike a monopoly, where there would be only once choice where people get their Health Insurance. And there is no built in system to force the monopoly to improve its service. Because their customers have no other option.

Democratic Socialists in America have argued all along that America should have Single Payer Health Insurance. Because the rest of the Developed World does and it works their and their Health Care systems are cheaper. They’ve also argued that if we have Single Payer Health Insurance, that are Health Care would then be free. They are simply wrong, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Denmark, all great countries. Have Single Payer Health Insurance. But Britain is now allowing for private Health Insurers. But they don’t represent the rest of the Developed World. Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan just to name a few and also great countries. All have a Private/Public Health Insurance system and the people in these countries get to decide for themselves where to get their Health Insurance. And all those countries that are Private/Public in Health Insurance, spend less of their GDP then America on its Health Care. The other argument thats completely false, is that these Single Payer countries have free Health Care. No such thing as free Health Care if you pay taxes. They just finance their Health Care system with Higher Taxes then America. Which isn’t free, it comes out of people Pay Checks.

The reason why I supported the Public Option Health Insurance company or service. Because unlike Single Payer which is a mandate that the people would have to take. The Public Option is exactly that, not trying to fool anyone. A Public Option, a Non Profit Health Insurance service, that would be independent of the Federal Government. With its own management, owned by the Federal Government but operated independently like another company but regulated. That would have to operate under the same rules as any private Non Profit Health Insurer. Thats exactly what was in the House Democratic Leadership Health Care bill. That they passed out of the House in late 2009. But since the Senate Republican Leadership did such a great job to demagog the Health Care bill. By calling it a government takeover of Health Care. And there were enough people gullible enough to believe it. The Public Option  was left out of the Affordable Care Act that passed and was signed into law.

I would like to see a Health Insurance system in America thats dominated by Non Profit Health Insurers. Both private and public, with Medicare, Medicaid and a new Public Option. That I would call Americare, as well as a bunch of private Non Profit Health Insurers. And that For Profit Health Insurers would either become Non Profit or go out of business, because people are choosing Non Profit for their Health Insurance. This is something the market can decide and doesn’t need Uncle Sam putting his foot down. This is the system that Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland have. And I believe its the best Health Insurance model in the World.


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