First Chapter in the War on Terror comes to a close

‘Osama Bin Gotten’: The Case For Joy | The New Republic.

The killing of Osama Bin Laden the most dangerous terrorist in the World. Was a Justifiable Homicide of a global Serial Murderer, who’s responsible for the murderers of thousands if not millions of innocent people. Including muslims and arabs, people Bin Laden claimed to love. Closes a big chapter the First Chapter in the War on Terror. A chapter that people around the world have been reading about for over nine years. A chapter that included the World Trade Center in New York one of the greatest cities in the World. Being blown up, because of planes being intentionally crashed into them. Which gave new meaning to the term Kamikazi Mission. Except it wasn’t a pilot taking his own life. But the life of thousands of others. Where people who were guilty of nothing other then going to work that, what look like a beautiful hot Tuesday Morning September 11th 2001. But were caught in the middle of Osama Bin Laden’s Battle on America. And were the innocent victims of Bin Laden’s war. Some of them being so desperate, that they took their own lives, instead of waiting to be burned to death. By jumping out of the World Trade Center. As well a another Suicide Flight into the Pentagon in Washington, the symbol of our American Military. Again people there being guilty of nothing more then just going to work that day. And of course another Suicide Flight in Pennsylvania.

Its hard to find any positives in September 11th, when I personally think of it and that day. Its hard as an american to think of nothing but anger. I wanted Bin Laden dead ever since we knew that  Al Qaeda was responsible for it. But in eight years of the George W Bush Presidency. I’m a democrat and proud to be one. But the aftermath of 9/11, the first few months of it, was one of a few times I ever felt good about him as President. I don’t say that as a Partisan Attack or to put the man down. And it doesn’t make me happy to say this. But his initial reaction to getting the news of the attacks. Which were criticized as slow, I thought was good. You could tell how angry he felt about it like most americans. And thought a real moment in his Presidency, as well as his statement to the workers on Ground Zero. That America heres you and the whole World will hear you real soon. the 9/11 Attacks were just ten months after Bush V Gore. One of the most divisive and controversial Presidential Elections in American History. The country was very divided and President Bush was able to keep us united just for a short while anyway, after 9/11.

I’ve criticized President Obama in the past and still do. For what I see as weak leadership when it comes to key issues. Health Care Reform, the budget, the lead up to the Military Operations in Libya. For what I see as unwillingness to do what is right. Even if that means some angry, even if its the right thing to do. But on this operation in Pakistan, where our great Military and Intelligence Personal killed Osama Bin Laden. He was showed that he at least can be a strong leader and is a very effective Commander in Chief as well as skillful. To be able to keep this operation a secret for as long as they did. And for our Security Forces for their flawless operation. So today Monday May 2nd 2011, I want to thank our President for his skillful leadership and our Security Forces for their flawless execution of the Justifiable Homicide of Osama Bin Laden. As a friend of mine today said, hell has a new resident.


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