Where the War on Terror was declared


Since we’ve now killed Osama Bin Laden the Leader and Founder of Al-Qaeda, without whom 9/11 2001 wouldn’t of happened. There’s been talk especially on the Far Left, who’ve been against the War in Afghanistan from day 1. That its now time to end that war and bring our troops home. There point I believe is, since there’s no Bin Laden, then there’s no Al-Qaeda. Not realizing that killing Bin Laden only closes Chapter 1 of the War on Terror. Just because Bin Laden is gone doesn’t mean this war is over. Al-Qaeda and other Terrorists Organizations are still in business and still has the same goals that they had before. They just have different Leadership now. They are still a threat to America and our ally’s, including in the Middle East. And this war will continue until they are out of business. Killing Bin Laden is a big deal, as John Brennan the White House Homeland Security Adviser said on Monday. Killing Bin Laden has cut off the head of a snake thats Al-Qaeda. But it doesn’t mean this threat goes away. If anything killing Bin Laden will inspire Al-Qaeda to commit further attacks. So we and our ally’s need to be ready.

We are not in Afghanistan or I should say the Obama National Security Council. Is not in Afghanistan to force democracy on afghans. We are not there for democracy building. We are there to try to help them stabilize so their Central Government doesn’t collapse. And once again becomes a terrorist Safe Haven, which is what they were pre 9/11. We are there to help Afghanistan develop its Military and Security Forces to the point. So they can defend themselves from internal and external forces. That want to bring that government down and establish some type of an Authoritarian Regime. That sponsors terrorism which is what Afghanistan had pre 9/11 with the Taliban. We are not there for democracy building, only Afghanistan can decide what form of government that they will have.

What Afghanistan has taught us is that if you let a state dissolve to the point. That they can no longer defend themselves and are not only a threat to their own people. But a threat to other countries. Which is what the Taliban still is and they sponsor terrorism. Which is what the Taliban did in the past and still does. That they can not only be a threat to their own people but to others as well. Which is what we saw with 9/11. We are now engaged in the Spring Offensive in Afghanistan and this will be an opportunity to push the Taliban back to the point. That speeds up our withdraw from Afghanistan. We are not there indefinitely, Afghanistan needs to be able to defend themselves. But we need to and for their security and ours, help bring that about for them.


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