Republicans Are Empty-Handed On Health Care | The New Republic

Republicans Are Empty-Handed On Health Care | The New Republic.

Trying to gage where the GOP especially in the House, stands on Health Care Reform. Is a little tricky, sorta like judging the whether in Washington. It can change day by day, 50 and rainy one day, 80 sunny and humid the next. Like a couple of weeks ago. I apologize that joke is for Washingtonians. Democrats have been clear, regulate the Health Insurance Industry, with essentially a Patients Bill of Rights. To prevent and punish abuses from that industry. And assist people and Small Business’s who want to purchase Health Insurance, with a Tax Credit. And make sure everyone in the country gets Health Care, good luck finding someone who doesn’t. Pay for their Health Care, which is what the Health Insurance Mandate is about. To help bring down Health Care costs, thats what the Affordable Care Act is about. They also wanted to include a Public Option for Health Insurance that would be independent of government. That would bring more competition and Freedom of Choice for our Health Insurance. From a Non Profit Health Insurance Service, but couldn’t get that through the Senate.

Like I said judging the GOP on Health Care Reform is a little tricky. In 2009-10 there seemed to be a consensus on what a Patients Bill of Rights would look like, like stopping Health Insurers from dropping Health Insurance, just because people actually need it. Or eliminating Lifetime Caps on Health Insurance as examples. The House GOP Leadership had their bill that was voted on as a substitute to the ACA in the House. That was projected to cover about 25% of what the ACA would cover, according to the Congressional Budget Office, CBO obviously for short. But they haven’t offered that bill since. That bill also had most if not all the Patient Protections that the ACA has. After the ACA passed and since the House GOP position on Health Care Reform has changed. To now repealing the ACA, denying the people who currently benefit from it. And then putting a Health Care Reform Task Force together, all republicans of course. To perhaps eventually come up with a replacement. Instead of just leaving in what they said they like and eliminating what they don’t like.

The Paul Ryan Health Care plan the latest version of GOP Health Care Reform. Is mostly about Medicare Reform, turning it into a Voucher System. And forcing people off of Medicare and into the Private Market. Leaving them with less Freedom of Choice in Health Insurance. That blew up faster then a car with an oil leak with a lighted match. So now I guess they’ll start over again. If the House GOP is serious about Health Care Reform. Then they need to broaden who they talk to. Instead of just talking amongst themselves. If they want to pass something out of Congress, because democrats already passed their bill that is now law. And they like that bill.


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