House panel’s defense authorization bill an illusion –

House panel’s defense authorization bill an illusion –

With all the talk about Fiscal Responsibility and Deficit Reduction and the need to get our Fiscal House in order. Which I agree with all of that, the House Armed Services Committee passed a whopping 700B$ Defense Authorization Bill early last Thursday Mourning. The United States has borrowed 3T$ the last ten years to fund our Military Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of that money being put on our National Debt Card. 25% of our National Debt that we have to pay back to our Foreign Lenders. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil has to be payed back. Its just a question of how we pay it back, on our terms or there’s. And does IMF come to Washington to take over our Federal Budget. Like they have done with Greece. One of the worst things about this House vote, was that it was overwhelmingly Bi Partisan. Both republicans and democrats overwhelmingly voted for it. Very few if members from either caucus voted against it.

This bill is completely unrealistic, you can’t make a credible argument that in a budget of 700B$, that represents about 1-5 of the total Federal Budget. That there isn’t any waste in it, that every dime we spend on defense has to be spent. That with all the talk about Deficit Reduction, we can’t find overall savings and cuts in defense. Shared Sacrifice is just that, that everyone including defense sacrifices and contributes for the greater good. To get our Fiscal House in order, so we are no longer borrowing from other countries just to meet our obligations. Defense, Medicare and Social Security together represent over 60% of the Federal Budget . They simply have to be on the table in Deficit Reduction. Not to make those programs weaker, if anything reform them and make them stronger. Just more Cost Effective. So we can finally start paying down our Federal Deficit and Debt.

We are starting to bring troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq. Lets put that money to Deficit Reduction. Lets stop defending Developed Nations around the World that can afford to defend themselves. And bring those troops home from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan Korea and put that money to Deficit Reduction. Shared Sacrifice means everyone contributes for the greater good.


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