Speaker of The U.S. House of Representatives

Speaker of The U.S. House of Representatives



Leader of The U.S. Senate

Leader of The U.S. Senate

ABC News: Video: This Week: Martha Raddatz: What’s Balanced About a Budget That Doesn’t Balance

One of the reasons why I don’t take a lot of Republicans seriously when it comes to deficit reduction or balancing the budget. And there are a few that I do, like Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee and a few others. Representative Justin Amash, former Senator Judd Gregg would be a couple of others. But the main reason why I don’t tend to take Republicans seriously when it comes to deficit reduction and balancing the budget. Because since Bill Clinton left the Presidency, they don’t have a very good record when it comes to deficit reduction. This is a party that told Americans that we can invade two countries at the same time. Not pay for it while we cut taxes by two trillion dollars at the same time, not paying for it. And expand Medicare by 700B$ and not paying for that as well. That ran up the national debt by seven trillion dollars over eight years under President Bush.

So Republicans not only have a credibility gap with not only me but I believe the American people as a whole when it comes to deficit reduction and they aren’t doing much better then Democrats now. On an issue they use to own when Democrats use to be seen as fiscally irresponsible. At least with Democrats you know where they are, because they’ve never at least in the last four years have made balancing the Federal budget one of their priorities. The economy has always been their priority and they’ve said that the debt and deficit is too high. Growing faster then the economy and that they both need to come down not to balance the budget. so the economy has room to grow and not competing with the debt and deficit. It would be great to balance the budget but you need a strong economy with strong economic and job growth. Without as many people in poverty working or not working to achieve that.

The Senate Democratic budget presented by Patty Murray Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee whether you like it or not doesn’t balance the budget by 2023. By the way neither does the House Republican budget presented by Paul Ryan Chairman of the House Budget Committee. But at least with Senate Democrats you know where they stand, they are not trying to balance the budget. But bring the debt and deficit down so its sustainable and not growing faster then the economy. So our economic and job growth are growing well but also faster and you do this. But investing in things that lead to economic growth. Infrastructure and encouraging business’s domestic and foreign to invest and expand in America. As well as cutting back on the Federal budget in areas where you don’t need to be spending or spending as much. And reforming things that you need to do to make them work better and more cost effective.

If both sides were serious about balancing the Federal budget, then they would both go where the money is. To reform and save money there. Entitlements, defense and the tax code but at least Democrats are honest about what their true goals are. Which is a strong economy, while Republicans are more interested in using the debt and deficit as political issues to make Democrats look. Like they are fiscally irresponsible.


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