Lew Rockwell Blog: Politics: Gary North: A Constitutional Agenda For Social Conservatives: What Does it Mean to Believe in Personal Freedom


Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Lew Rockwell Blog: Politics: Gary North: A Constitutional Agenda For Social Conservatives: What Does it Mean to Believe in Personal Freedom.

Political labels get thrown around a lot and I wouldn’t have a problem with it that much. If the people who tend to throw around the political labels knew what they were talking about. To describe their own politics or someone else’s politics and didn’t use labels as weapons to attack them. 10-20 years ago Republicans could win elections by literally accusing their opponents of being Liberal. Like they were calling them a Communist or a Theocrat two things that don’t tend to be very popular in America, outside of the Bible Belt and wherever Communists in America if there are any left tend to hangout. But that stopped about eight years ago when Americans became more familiar with Liberalism and the country became more Liberal in general on social issues.

Its not that political labels are the problem but that the people who don’t know what they mean that is and end up confusing people who’ll believe whatever their so called leaders tell them. The fact is the real Liberals and Conservatives in America are the real believers in freedom in this country. And worry about government having power over their lives and not big fans of individual freedom, especially privacy and ability for people to make their own decisions. And the people who throw out the labels like Liberal or Conservative who call themselves Liberal or Conservative, even though they really aren’t. Are the believers in Statism and that individual freedom is dangerous. And know to advance politically they have to make the other side look worse then they do because their message lacks broad support.

The fact is if you are a real Liberal or a real Conservative and not someone who just uses that label to gain support or advance politically. You believe in a high deal of individual freedom, economic and personal and that government needs to be limited to protect our basic freedoms and rights. But you also believe in individual responsibility and the rule of law. You are not an Anarchist who doesn’t believe in law, you believe there needs to be rules in place enforced by government to protect the innocent and catch and punish the guilty. People who hurt innocent people, not saying Liberalism and Conservatism are the same thing. Of course its not but they are both based on the same foundation. The right of the individual to live their own lives and be held accountable for their own decisions for good and bad.

So when I hear someone call them self a Liberal or a Conservative, I’m going to assume they believe in a high deal of individual freedom, both personal and economic. Until I see evidence that contradicts that.


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