The Washington Post: Opinion: Dana Milbank: “Barack Obama’s Intransigent Backbench”: The Advantages of Being Reelected

Reason In Chief

Reason In Chief

Dana Milbank: Obama’s intransigent backbench – The Washington Post.

The differences running for reelection as President and being reelected President are huge. Because when you are running for reelection you have to take lets call it your far-flank in the party. Actually seriously and almost go out of your way not to offend them or criticize them when most of the country. Would find it easy to go out of their way to offend or criticize them when they do or say something nuts or offensive. You actually have to take a faction of the country that perhaps 80-90% of the country finds to be nuts and cooky and people would probably never hold serious. Office in the U.S. Senate or as Governor, perhaps in the U.S. House as a back bencher but never ever really holding a public office with serious power. You have to take these people seriously and tell them look buddy or sweetie. I’m actually with you but I can’t make that public because I have that other party to negotiate with, besides I have to get reelected. And I do not have the same freedom to do or say whatever is on my mind like you do. Besides if you do not like me, wait til the other team is in charge, so you better support me for your own good.

But when you have just been reelected going away even in an election you probably should’ve lost given the situation of the country. And just American political history of incumbent Presidents who had economies this weak when seeking reelection. And to go along with that you still have a Democratic Senate that just picked up seats that can now push your agenda and put some pressure on. The Republican House that just lost seats to actually legislate and move more in your Liberal direction. As well as hold the Republican House at bay and never have to bring out your veto pen. Does Barack Obama even have a veto pen yet at this stage of his Presidency. Never seen his use one, now the President can be the man of the people and the man of reason. Looking I’m doing my part to make this Federal Government work and I’m actually at the negotiating table putting things on the. Table ordinarily I would never do, it’s the other party thats keeping gridlock alive and killing progress.

What I’ve seen from President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal is that it’s not a serious attempt to balance the budget certainly. And not even achieve serious deficit-reduction but a serious attempt to bring Congressional Republicans to the negotiating table. And put revenue on the table even in the form of tax-reform and even lower the corporate tax rate in exchange. To get a better deal at the end of the day that the leaderships in both. Parties can live with and sell to their caucus’ in the House and Senate. Which comes with the power of being reelected with more seats in Congress and we’ll see how successful it is.


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