Intelligent Channel: Video: Progressive Economist Michael Lind: The Need For Economic Reform: What is The Social-Contract in a Liberal-Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Liberal Democracy

Economic historian Michael Lind on the need for economic reform – in THE SOCIAL CONTRACT – YouTube.

What is the social-contract in a Liberal-Democracy and what are Americans entitled to for being American-citizens. Which is probably the best way to start this so if you look at the United States Constitution it has lines in it like. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, key words after life being the right to liberty and pursue happiness. That we are entitled to go after those things for ourselves as long as we do not take it from innocent people on the way. For example Americans aren’t entitled to make a good living by murdering people to use as an example. And what we do with the opportunities that are in front of us is up to us that we aren’t entitled to success. In life but the right to pursue success and happiness. That basically means that we have the right to pursue happiness, liberty and success but that we are also responsible to. Achieve those things for ourselves not that governments job is to make sure that all Americans are entitled to make a good living. But we all have access to the tools that we need to make that happen for ourselves.

It doesn’t say in the United States Constitution that we are entitled to make a good living. Or we are entitled to a good pension, to good savings or we are entitled to have a good home and a good. Job with benefits and so fourth, or we are entitled to health insurance and healthcare even. Now under law all Americans have are entitled to emergency healthcare when they need it regardless of. Their ability to pay for it but we aren’t even entitled to healthcare in general. Which is the main difference between Liberal-Democracy that I’m in favor of and would like to expand that for all. Americans so we all have the access to achieve freedom for ourselves both economic and personal-freedom. And Social-Democracy which is what Progressives like Michael Lind and others would like to see in America. Where we would basically have an entitlement-society that would build off of the New-Deal and Great Society. Where all Americans would be entitled to a job, to make a good living, a good home, a good pension, health insurance and so fourth. And all of these things would be provided to us by government.

America is a Liberal-Democracy that I want to build off of and expand individual-freedom both economic and personal-freedom to all Americans. Which probably scares the hell out of both Progressives and Neoconservatives. Where all Americans would have access to the tools to be successful in life but then have the responsibility to make the best out of the tools that are in. Front of them to be successful. Where we would all have access to universal quality education K-college and not just have access to those things based on where we live or the income levels of. Our parents where we all be able to go to the best school for us rather then being forced to go to school based on where we live. So we would never have to be dependent on government providing all of these services for us because we would all have the freedom to pursue these things for. Ourselves and have the freedom to live our own lives.

That’s the role of government in a Liberal-Democracy when it comes to the social-contract. To make sure everyone has access to what they need to be able to live in freedom in life and what they. Make of those opportunities is up to them and where we have a social-insurance system there for people who can collect from it but only when they need it. Not there to take care of everyone but it would be an insurance system which is different from an entitlement-system. And thats how America can build the most most successful economy possible with the most. Economic and personal-freedom for everyone because everyone would now be incentivize to pursue. Freedom, success and happiness for themselves.


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