The New Republic: Nate Cohn: November 2012 Census Data: Barack Obama’s Coalition Will Hold Together: The Future of The Democratic Party

Obama Voters

Obama Voters

November 2012 Census Data: Obama's Coalition Will Hold Together | New Republic.

When Barack Obama as a U.S. Senator ran for President for the Democratic Party in 2007-08. I saw him as a George McGovern Neo-Leftist Democrat that emerged in the 1960s and 70s and that he would. Be doomed in the Presidential-election against a mainstream Conservative-Republican like John McCain. Then Senator Obama won the Democratic Presidential-nomination because the Neo-Left in the Democratic Party saw him as that. Plus other Democrats who loved his idealism and optimism and that America’s best days are still ahead of us and so forth. But if you look at the age groups and generations that voted for Senator Obama in 2008 and voted for him again for reelection as. President in 2012, the McGovern-coalition this Socialist as well as anti-authority wing of the Democratic Party that much. Rather have Jill Stein from the Green Party as their President whose part of this old McGovern-coalition. And the fact that President Obama got overwhelming reelected in this age group people let’s say fifty and under who vote for President in 2008 and 2012. You can see that the voting-block is a lot more diverse. Then just the Neo-Left in the Democratic Party and Green Party.

If you look at young adults todays people in generation X and Y, not all of them but a lot of them and I would argue a majority of them. Do not like big government and big government trying to run their lives for them and make their own decisions. They are not interested in new government social-programs and do not want higher taxes to pay for them. And not do not want big government in their personal-lives and do not want to see Gay bans and laws outlawing. Same-sex marriage and religion involved in government and so forth they want big government out of our. Wallets and bedrooms and just have government do what we need it to do and manage the programs. That we have now and managed them well and fix what needs to be fixed and I think this is something that. Barack Obama understands and is something that as long as the Democratic Party does not try to become the. Progressive Caucus or like the Green Party and not try to be the big government party in the. Country the Democratic Party will be in excellent position to win. Presidential-elections in the future and win back the House of Representatives to go with the Senate.

The Republican Party has a demographic problem they simply are going to have to expand their base. To do well in the future to have any hope of ever being the governing-party in the country again. Like they were with George W. Bush but the Democratic Party has a trust problem with the country as a whole. That Americans by in large tend to agree with Democrats more than Republicans but do not trust them enough to give them all the power. And worry of they do that they will give them a lot of new big government programs and higher taxes. So what the Democratic Party needs to do for young voters and Independents is show them they are not a big government party at all. But a party that believes in both economic and personal-freedom as well as individual-responsibility.


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