Brookings Institution: Opinion: Ron Haskins: Making Work Pay Again This Time For Men: How to Encourage Low-Income Adults to Work

Making Work Pay

Making Work Pay

Making Work Pay Again—This Time for Men | Brookings Institution.

I believe this is pretty simple that if you want people to work especially low-skilled adults. And you rather have them working and have an opportunity to succeed in life and move out of poverty. Then work has to pay and working has to pay more than not working. So whatever the minimum wage is for workers whether they are still on public assistance or not. That has to pay more than not working at all so low-skilled adults know they can make more money whatever the. Job is than not working at all and collecting public assistance. Which is why I support the Earned Income Tax Credit which is the credit that goes to people who work. But live in poverty and they basically get back the money that they otherwise would’ve paid in taxes without the EITC. As well as creating what I would call a living wage which would replace the minimum wage for workers. The living wage would be for workers and make it around ten dollars and hour and index it for inflation. And apply the minimum wage to non-workers who are on public assistance and aren’t retired.

This is what we should be doing encouraging low-income adults who are also low-skilled to work. Whatever the job is as well as finishing their education. Complete high school and work a service industry job making the living wage as they do that. And after completing high school perhaps now working in retail and moving up with their diploma or GED. Getting valuable work and skills experience and as they’ve moved up a little bit from working in. Fast food or a job like that and now they are selling clothes or books. We are also giving them the opportunity as a government and society to advance their skills even further. By giving them the opportunity to go to community college and getting job-training. So now they are getting the skills that they need to finally get a good job. Perhaps now running or managing in a store instead of being an associate or getting a good job somewhere else.

For low-skilled adults to enter or reenter the workforce. Work has to pay more than not working and collecting a Welfare check. So the minimum wage should be applied to people on Welfare. While a new living wage applies to people who are working as well as opportunities to finish and advance their education. So now they have the skills to succeed in life and people to support themselves.


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